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Heroic Thok has fallen

In a true display of awesomeness, our 25man team killed Thok on the 3rd night of attempts. And most people were still alive at the end!!!!



Jul 09 2014 07:58 PM By Phobià 11 replies - 145 views

Heroic Spoils is down, time to fight a dinosaur!

Good Job Team. Only 2 nights of attempts and it's down.



Jun 04 2014 10:06 PM By Phobià 13 replies - 199 views

Rides to Guild Party

Hey guys,


I heard there was a Canada contingent coming this year to the Guild Party. I don't know the details, but it would be cool to head to Boston if possible and we can share a ride. Mastric and I have carpooled from Albany to Buffalo for the past 4 years. If there are enough people, we can get a van from Boston to Albany to Buffalo.


I am sure that a lot of people might not know me, but I am sure that most of the guild can vouch for me. I am not a rapist or anything. I gave that up when I became a terrorist.


Comment on here if you plan to drive to Buffalo along the east coast, maybe we can figure something out. You can post on here or on the facebook group.

Jun 02 2014 03:18 PM By Rebelogic 9 replies - 136 views

Patch 5.4.8 is Live

Topic for 5.4.8 Talk so we don't kill the shoutbox


If for some reason you didn't know... 5.4.8 is live allowing item upgrades to 16 ilvls, 4/4.


If you're not fulling Valor capped AskMrRobot has an upgrade option that will show you what best to spend your Valor on.



Also i want the horse hitching post!




May 20 2014 11:56 AM By Mastric 9 replies - 149 views

Malkorok is dead, fuck that guy, he sucks.



Fuck this boss, good job guys.

May 07 2014 10:11 PM By Phobià 10 replies - 237 views

Dark Shamans Dead 8/14 no you can't bring your shaman.

forgot to take a screenshot went back after and took one guess you can settle for this ;)



Mar 12 2014 10:59 PM By Heldarram 5 replies - 340 views

Core Raider Criteria

Criteria being considered for Core Raider rank can be found at the following:



Mar 04 2014 11:00 PM By Ftfk 0 replies - 295 views

Heroic Nazgrim is Dead

Great job on Heroic Nazgrim tonight guys! We got him down in just 3 attempts tonight which is incredible after a week of not working on him.



Feb 26 2014 11:19 PM By Iammoot 2 replies - 395 views

Rebel logic post 14 jk its heldarram

Feb 12 2014 08:03 PM By Heldarram 4 replies - 326 views

Boss Wish List

Hey. Want loot from a specific boss and want to be in raid for a chance to get it? Head over to the Dungeons & Raids forum to check out the new Boss Wish List. Register now for your dream boss today!




Feb 05 2014 12:20 AM By Ftfk 0 replies - 350 views