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Mythic Kargath Bladefist, more like Deadfist


Jan 14 2015 11:07 PM By Lyntha 5 replies - 76 views

Heroic Ko'ragh Dead

Fun fight



Dec 24 2014 04:50 PM By Lyntha 3 replies - 150 views

New Site Integrations! Woo

Working on new systems to allow for Site Permissions and Teamspeak Permissions to be passed smoother. This will also include the use of additional TS3 icons.


To prepare for these changes there are new fields in the profile edit page http://www.atremains...usercp&tab=core


  1. Main Character, the name of your Main - This will link everything to your rank in WoW, make sure it's correct!
  2. Alt Characters, the names of your Alts - This will prevent alts from getting kicked from the guild and help me setup notes.
  3. TeamSpeak Unique ID, your Unique ID from TeamSpeak - This will grant your talk permissions in Teamspeak, along with icons. You can get this ID # by pressing Ctrl+I


More to come

Nov 21 2014 06:00 PM By Mastric 2 replies - 336 views

14/14 Mythic Cleared

Congrats to everyone who contributed this tier.



Oct 21 2014 09:40 PM By Ftfk 44 replies - 669 views

The stupid insects are dead

ATR downed Heroic Paragons thanks to Jim playing Lyntha via voice commands with some sweet ass void shifts mixed in there for shits and giggles.  Way to go Jim!




Everyone else did awesome too :P.

Oct 08 2014 08:56 PM By Lyntha 7 replies - 204 views

Exodus LAN 2015

The LAN Party I hold near Albany, NY has been announced for 2015. Last year we have 70 people in attendance and 11 from ATR.


It's a 3 day long 48 hour game event, last year we had about $10,000 in prizes. It's in a Hotel so there is comfy space to sleep.






Sep 30 2014 03:31 PM By Mastric 5 replies - 203 views

Heroic Siegecrafter Down for the count

Siegecrafter died while fighting ATR on 9/24/14 as a result of a terrible saw-blade related accident.  So much blood.


Magnets, Fires, Mines, Lasers and Electricity may have been involved as well.  We were all too busy dancing around dodging 8 million different environmental hazards to really notice what actually happened.




I forgot to take a kill pic so I grabbed a pic from Arma's stream.  Deal with it.

Sep 25 2014 01:24 PM By Lyntha 7 replies - 164 views

10 mans until 6.0 / WoD

         As of last night, the guild 25 man run is on break until 6.0 / WoD. If you wish to attended the 10 man, it is being run by Lyntha, Heldarram and FTFK. I personally have no desire to do 10's, so I have opt'd out. 10 man runs on normal nights, Tuesday and Wednesday 730-11 pm server time. Loot is a Group Loot, mainspec Need offspec or minor upgrade Greed. I will still be around to hand out asskickings to people acting shitty. So don't think just because I'm not in the raid group that you can get away with acting like a jackass. I expect everyone who attends to be mature and conduct themselves appropriately. 


If you want to take a break until WoD, take it, no need to announce it, this is your chance. 


See you all in WoD


Sep 17 2014 11:56 AM By Phobia 12 replies - 250 views

The Actual State of the Raid

Nuttin' Changin'


Bash just acting weird cause Varlash scared him.

Sep 01 2014 07:00 PM By Mastric 7 replies - 254 views

State of the Raid

Siege of Orgrimmar is going on a year old soon, and I think it's time we discuss the future of the raid group going forward into the rest of this expansion and into Warlords of Draneor.


First off, let me say I am extremely impressed by the guild and raid group. We have done exceptionally well this expansion, we started a bit rough, but have ended this expansion with one of the strongest raid teams this guild has ever seen. The knowledge, skill, and willingness to help each other out is at the highest point I've ever seen in the guild. I am very proud of all our current and former raiders who have helped us accomplish this. It's something to be proud of.


Lately, emotions have been running high, and people have been snapping at each other more then usual. I attribute this to the fact people are starting to feel burned out and they simply are not having fun with this content anymore. It's turning into a cycle of people are simply showing up because they more or less feel obligated to be there for their friends. Everyone is doing their best not to disappoint others. It shouldn't be like that at all. People should WANT to be online to raid every Tuesday and Wednesday. It shouldn't be a struggle to maintain attendance if everyone is having fun. Yet week after week over the last month, we are always concerned about being able to fill the raid team. 


We are getting close to the point when the officers and raid leaders will put the 25man on hiatus until Warlords is released. I would like to give everyone a few weeks to a month off from  mandatory raid times and let people just relax, and level and raid with alts. When this happens, I will continue to run a raid team, 10 man if needed, on Tuesdays to push heroic Garrosh. If we have the people for 25's we will do 25's. We did this same thing with Dragonsoul. We put the 25m on hiatus and we formed a 10 man that ended up killing Heroic Deathwing before Mists was released. I fully expect we will have a similar situation.


School is starting back up soon and we are going to lose members, be it from people excited to see their college friends again and want to spend time offline with them, or class schedule / homework gets in the way. I fully expect to have some people post MIA or go MIA because of it. Happens every year and it's something we are used to dealing with. So don't feel scared to let us know about it. I would much rather you be upfront and tell us honestly, then simply vanish with us wondering what happened.


About WoD raiding:


Normal and Heroic modes are changing into flex style of encounters, where we can have 10-30 people in raid at once. So we will fill the raid team as much as we can while maintaining a group comp that will be efficient at downing content. With how strong our team is now, I do not anticipate that normal and heroic content will take us very long to progress through. Which brings us to Mythic content which is only 20 man. In regards to raid spots in the mythic team. We will obviously do our best to ensure everyone gets a shot at it at some point, but while we are progressing through it, we will bring our most skilled and capable players initially. So some of you may have to ride the bench while we work on killing the content. It's no different that how we handle progression now, it's just that now, only 20 people get in at a time, so 10ish people may have to be patient and willing to sit around and wait their turn. It won't be personal, it will be based on performance within the team. So if you struggle at certain aspect of boss fights or are a mechanically weak player, you may see the bench more then you would like to.

Aug 25 2014 04:48 PM By Phobia 15 replies - 320 views