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ATR @ Exodus LAN 2015

Apr 14 2015 11:42 AM By Mastric 5 replies - 68 views

Blast Furnace down

Onto blackhand we go!



Apr 05 2015 09:42 PM By Lyntha 10 replies - 116 views

Heroic Train Boss Down

Great Job Everyone



Feb 18 2015 11:07 PM By Lyntha 4 replies - 260 views

Flamebender Heroic Down

We killed him last week.  I forgot to post the picture.  Edgeworth was totally there.



Feb 18 2015 02:29 PM By Lyntha 4 replies - 178 views

Big Congratz to Zallazane

One of ATR's very own has made the news with his new business. Big congratz to him and we wish him the best with his new adventure. I personally wish I lived closer to New York so I could go there.




Go check out his website and stop by his business if you are in the Western New York area




Join the ATR facebook group and show some love to  Josh Lonz


Facebook group is here: https://www.facebook...39712546067061/



game on.PNG

Feb 08 2015 12:53 PM By Phobia 1 replies - 212 views

Mythic Kargath Bladefist, more like Deadfist


Jan 14 2015 11:07 PM By Lyntha 5 replies - 245 views

Heroic Ko'ragh Dead

Fun fight



Dec 24 2014 04:50 PM By Lyntha 3 replies - 303 views

New Site Integrations! Woo

Working on new systems to allow for Site Permissions and Teamspeak Permissions to be passed smoother. This will also include the use of additional TS3 icons.


To prepare for these changes there are new fields in the profile edit page http://www.atremains...usercp&tab=core


  1. Main Character, the name of your Main - This will link everything to your rank in WoW, make sure it's correct!
  2. Alt Characters, the names of your Alts - This will prevent alts from getting kicked from the guild and help me setup notes.
  3. TeamSpeak Unique ID, your Unique ID from TeamSpeak - This will grant your talk permissions in Teamspeak, along with icons. You can get this ID # by pressing Ctrl+I


More to come

Nov 21 2014 06:00 PM By Mastric 2 replies - 453 views

14/14 Mythic Cleared

Congrats to everyone who contributed this tier.



Oct 21 2014 09:40 PM By Ftfk 44 replies - 915 views

The stupid insects are dead

ATR downed Heroic Paragons thanks to Jim playing Lyntha via voice commands with some sweet ass void shifts mixed in there for shits and giggles.  Way to go Jim!




Everyone else did awesome too :P.

Oct 08 2014 08:56 PM By Lyntha 7 replies - 364 views